Suomen Atlantti-Seura on Atlantic Treaty Associationin (ATA) jäsen. ATA on 37 kansallisen Atlantti-Seuran sateenvarjojärjestö, joka on perustettu vuonna 1954. Atlantic Treaty Associationin varsinaisia jäseniä ovat Naton jäsenmaiden Atlantti-Seurat ja liitännäisjäseniä Naton rauhankumppanuusmaiden (Partnership for Peace, PfP) Atlantti-Seurat. Suomen Atlantti-Seurasta tuli liitännäisjäsen Budapestissä pidetyssä Atlantic Treaty Associationin 46. yleiskokouksessa marraskuussa 2000. Suomen Atlantti-Seura osallistuu aktiivisesti kansainväliseen ATA-verkoston toimintaan ja muiden Atlantti-Seurojen järjestämiin tapahtumiin. Atlantic Treaty Associationin sihteeristö sijaitsee Brysselissä

Atlantic Treaty Associationin tavoitteet

a) Promote the values set forth in the North Atlantic Treaty

b) Educate and inform the public regarding NATO’s missions and responsibilities

c) Promote democracy

d) Promote the solidarity of the populations of the North Atlantic area, and of those whose governments have signed NATO PfP or Mediterranean Dialogue Agreements, and/or those who are directly concerned with the affairs of Euro-Atlantic security

e) Support the development of civil society in the Black Sea area and the Caucasus

f) Conduct research into the role of NATO, and its expansion to the countries of Central Europe and the former Soviet Union

g) Pursue a dialogue with countries bordering the Mediterranean and in the Middle East which work in cooperation with the Alliance

h) Deepen cooperation between the ATA, its Member Associations, the governments of its Member Associations, NATO, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and the EU

i) Foster debate and dialogue in an effort to create a solid understanding of key Alliance issues

j) Engage civil society groups which support peace, security, and broad democratic practices

k) Facilitate the development of strong relationships among its Members in an effort to realize common interest, and achieve common goals


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