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In 2008, Kirschenmann lost $250,000, when one of his potato fields in Kern County was infected with zebra chip and Frito Lay wouldn’t buy his chipper potatoes
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His family and workmates have flown him all the way from Port Augusta to be here tonight, and he thinks they won a competition to get free tickets to the event
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Standing over 122 meters (400 feet) high, it was located on the small island of Pharos just off the coast
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Infertility Irregularities in ovulation PMS symptoms such as those excessive bleeding, cramps, pain,
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“Maybe for women, a major news outlets go to the price system logged arteries for sure, the chairman of Maine, championed again
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police, and Michael Daly of the news website The Daily Beast as part of the one-hour program. Paul Zaunbrecher,
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